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Sir John Lubbock and Bank Holidays

Today the Victorian Commons is blogging on the main History of Parliament blog, where Kathryn Rix looks at Sir John Lubbock (1834-1913), Liberal MP for Maidstone, 1870-80, and London University, 1880-1900. To read about his efforts in passing the 1871 … Continue reading

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MP of the Month: Robert Stayner Holford, creator of the National Arboretum

Although he sat for nearly 20 years as an MP, Robert Stayner Holford (1808-92) was better known as one of the most distinguished art and plant collectors of his time. Once reputed to be the richest commoner in England, a … Continue reading

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Democracy in Devon: exhibition at the Devon Heritage Centre

Welcome to the second of our guest blogs, which coincides with an exhibition running at the Devon Heritage Centre. Organised by Dr. David Thackeray, of the University of Exeter, the exhibition demonstrates the vitality of popular participation in nineteenth century … Continue reading

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The People’s Charter and the Victorian Commons

On 8 May 1838 the People’s Charter was first published. To celebrate its 175th anniversary, we consider the initial response of Victorian MPs to the Charter and the ways in which the History of Parliament’s House of Commons 1832-68 project … Continue reading

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What Not To Wear: The Mover and Seconder of the Address

With the state opening of Parliament just days away, it is worth recalling a ritual connected with the government’s address in reply to the Queen’s speech which for many years was a regular source of entertainment. The address followed the … Continue reading

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By-elections in British politics, 1832-1914

Published this month, By-elections in British politics, 1832-1914 (edited by T.G. Otte and Paul Readman) includes contributions from our editor, Philip Salmon, and our assistant editor, Kathryn Rix. Philip’s chapter on ‘Plumping Contests’ is about the different electoral process that operated in by-elections and … Continue reading

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