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Robert Fitzroy MP and the Weather Forecast

During the recent Olympic opening ceremony, a short clip was played of the infamous weather forecast in which Michael Fish dismissed the idea that a hurricane was on the way. In a ceremony that was a celebration of ‘Britishness’, this … Continue reading

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Constituencies available on our preview site

The 1832 Reform Act completely redrew the electoral map of Britain and Ireland. It removed many small corrupt boroughs and gave representation to growing industrial towns such as Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds. However, small towns and county seats remained the … Continue reading

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New article on popular petitioning and corn laws in latest issue of English Historical Review

My article, ‘Popular petitioning and the corn laws, 1833-46’ has just been published in the August issue of English Historical Review, vol. 127 (2012), pp. 882-919. The article sheds new light on one of the most important political campaigns of 19th century Britain, … Continue reading

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Introducing the House of Commons, 1832-68 preview site

When it is completed the House of Commons, 1832-68 project will provide biographies of over 2,500 MPs and studies of more than 400 constituencies in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, offering an unprecedented resource for those interested in the social, … Continue reading

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