Dr Martin Spychal

Research Fellow mspychal@histparl.ac.uk


I recently joined the History of Parliament as a research fellow on the 1832 – 1945 project. I am currently researching biographies of MPs and constituencies for the period 1832–1868.

Research and Publications

I recently completed my PhD, which I commenced in 2012 at the Institute of Historical Research. It is the first sustained study of the parliamentary commissions and boundary changes that accompanied the 1832 Reform Act.

My research interests include:
• the electoral and non-electoral impact of the 1832 Reform Act, and the evolution of Britain’s electoral map to the present day
• the networks of power and legislation that developed around political, professional and social institutions in nineteenth-century Britain

My papers and publications include:

– ‘’One of the best men of business we had ever met’: Thomas Drummond, the boundary commission and the 1832 Reform Act’, Historical Research (forthcoming, 2016);

– ‘Constructing the reformed Commons: the 1831–2 English boundary commission and the 1832 Reform Act’.  Making Parliaments, Building Constitutions Conference, ICHRPI, London, June 2015;

– ‘‘the county-mongering clause’: The Times, the division of counties and the 1832 Reform Act’, Politics Before Democracy Conference, UEA, Norwich, April 2014;

– ‘Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? The Times, accountability, and the Metropolitan Police 1829-1830’. Institutions, IHR Annual History Lab Conference, London, June 2013