Congratulations to Dr Henry Miller!

Dr. Henry MillerWe’d like to congratulate Dr Henry Miller, who joined our project in 2009, on his new appointment as a lecturer at the University of Manchester. From September 2013 Henry will be a full-time lecturer in Nineteenth-Century British History in Manchester’s History department.

Henry has made an outstanding contribution to our House of Commons, 1832-68 project, researching and writing 201 biographies and 28 constituency articles (totalling 429,661 words!) during the last four and a half years. His main focus has been on the counties and boroughs of the English Midlands, including Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Warwickshire. He has also written about the only new borough created during this period, the port of Birkenhead, and begun work on Scotland. Draft versions of his constituency pieces, ranging from Aberdeen to Wolverhampton, and of his biographies, from Edward A’Court to Sir William Young, can be consulted through our preview site.

Henry has also contributed numerous posts to this blog, on topics ranging from Disraeli and ‘One Nation’ Conservatism to quantitative easing, and from food adulteration to the pioneer of photography, William Henry Fox Talbot. Our most recent MP of the Month is the brewer Michael Thomas Bass, the subject of one of the first biographies that Henry wrote for the History of Parliament.

Henry’s work on Birmingham, combined with his interest in nineteenth-century debates about economic policy, led him to write an article on ‘Radicals, tories or monomaniacs?: The Birmingham currency reformers in the House of Commons, 1832-67’, published in Parliamentary History in 2012. Most recently, his article on ‘Popular petitioning and the corn laws, 1833-46’ has appeared in the English Historical Review. Henry also has a particular interest in the visual culture of Victorian politics, and his book, Politics personified: portraiture, caricature and visual culture in Britain, 1830-1880, will be published by Manchester University Press in 2014.

We’d like to pay tribute to Henry for all that he has done for the 1832-68 project, and wish him the very best of luck in his new post!

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