Seminars for autumn 2012 at the Institute of Historical Research

This term’s programme for the ‘Parliaments, Politics and People’ seminar, held at the Institute of Historical Research, is now available here.

Caroline Shenton of the Parliamentary Archives will be speaking on 6 November on ‘The day Parliament burned down’, the subject of her recent book from Oxford University Press. The devastating fire of October 1834 had a major impact on the practical workings of Parliament in this period, with the Commons operating in temporary accommodation for almost 20 years before the new Palace of Westminster came into use. Look out for more blog posts on the fire and its effects in October.

For those interested in parliamentary and electoral history beyond the Victorian period, there are also papers from John Walter (University of Essex) on the Protestation Oath of 1641; from Keith Stapylton (University College London) on early Stuart parliaments; and from Richard Toye (University of Exeter) on speech-making in the interwar House of Commons.

The seminar convenors are always interested to hear from researchers who would like to give a paper – contact details can be found in the programme.

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